Vic Zuzu: A Second Life

With a deep desire to try new things as a fundamental part of his nature, Vic Zuzu first came to Second Life early in 2010. The opportunities of the virtual world were numerous and he was particularly curious about the role of the fashion industry in this new environment.

Vic started his career in virtual fashion as an independent model, free of any agency or management. He appeared on ad boards and participated in various fashion shows but the poor conditions left him with a bitter taste of the world of modeling. He decided to choose another way to find self-fulfillment.

In May that year London Dailey, a designer with House of London, contacted Vic with a suggestion in mind. She had noticed Vic's passion for the fashion industry and suggested to Patty Cortes, the CEO of Glance International Agency (GIA), that she approach Vic to discuss his plans for the future. Patty invited Vic to join GIA as a stylist but over time it became clear that they had different views on the ideas of fashion, style and beauty in Second Life.

Vic left GIA with a growing desire to do something more important with his time in Second Life, something no one else had managed. His return to independent work was a difficult period and he often considered leaving Second Life altogether. Vic felt he had seen enough of what virtual reality had to offer, and that there were no surprises left to uncover.

He worked through this time of hardship and used it as an opportunity to reorient himself. Vic had the fortune of meeting Emilia Redgrave and was offered a role as fashion consultant for Redgrave, one of Second Life's premier fashion houses. Later he took on work with Hoorenbeek, Sartoria, Muism and a range of other famous designers; inspiring them and, in turn, being motivated to reach new heights.

Vic moved into fashion journalism, an area that allowed him to connect with his real life publishing experience. He launched a blog in July 2010 because it was the best format to present interviews with the most influential names in Second Life fashion. Many of the people Vic interviewed would quickly become his best friends. However, the audience was not always keen to embrace the blog's analytical style and critical tone, although Vic's strong views won through and his popularity soared.

This dichotomy of a relationship between popularity and vocal opponents set the tone for Vic's work, and would continue to cause many problems for him in the future. He was shunned by several designers at events, and met with opposition at others. Vic continued unperturbed, his adherents helping to bolster him.

Vic's beliefs and expertise were welcomed by other groups and he was invited to present a series of lectures, “Fashion Victory: all you ever wanted to know about men's fashion and style in SL”, at the Fashion Institute University of Second Life in September 2010. Conducting this series gave him the unique experience of managing lecture series and seminars within virtual reality.

With Vic's value and influence growing exponentially, leading Japanese designers Aoharu, Kumaki, Rozoregalia and Mandala, as well as many others, sought opportunities to work with him. These designers' extraordinary approach to the concept of Second Life fashion brought new incentives and improved Vic's perspective regarding beauty and quality.

Vic's views on fashion and Second Life continued to grow and evolve. He felt it was time for something bigger, something more important, something that would affect not just himself and his career but everyone. Vic wanted to change the destinies and life paths of thousands of people. It was at this point that his revolutionary vision of uniting all designers, with their differing concepts, in one organization began to take hold. In October 2010, he created the MHOH Foundation ( and began turning that vision into a reality.

As President of MHOH Foundation, Vic oversees three primary areas of fashion: Make Him Over, Make Her Over, and Make Home Over as well as developing many other successful projects and events. He has created a remarkable community of over 300 designers and 25,000 members. Vic's projects have set impressive new standards in fashions and his achievements were recognised by Linden Labs when MHOH became a permanent feature on the Second Life Destination Guide; an honour afforded only to high level venues.

No success is achieved without challenges to overcome and it is in facing them that our strength of personality, drive and ambition are laid bare. Vic Zuzu has demonstrated all these traits and used them to achieve feats that many only dream of. In real life he has worked as an image consultant at business school, coached CEO's on etiquette and image, and presented seminars for them. He holds a degree in economics, works in PR and international relations, writes articles for fashion magazines and has extensive modeling experience.

Vic Zuzu is an example to us all about how the drive to success, and a focus on an end goal, can raise a person to spectacular heights. Vic Zuzu is a person who has mastered, and continues to grow, the link between the real and virtual universe. As he keeps developing his projects in Second Life and real world, Vic remains a phenomenon to watch.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson