Dec 19, 2010

Andrej Pejic - a new fashion star!

Since I cant write about SL drama that sometimes surrounds my good name because of jealous losers who cause it (my fav issue ^^), for some reason for one month, and I always try to post something different from the other posts dedicated to complete outfits and costumes, I decided to write something about RL fashion. Yay! :D Please welcome, Andrej Pejic, a bright new fashion star! As I can remember the first time I saw him was the old issue cover of the Oyster fashion magazine at the Geneva airport when I was bored as hell while waiting for a next plane to Paris and some girl was read it. We were talking a bit, since I like to blab with nice people all the time, and she told me she is an editor for something (I guess it was some fashion site or blog) and she is trying to gather some information about him to write an article. ^^ He is in the middle.

Honestly, my first thought was - who is that girl? :D He is from Melburne Australia, but was born in Yugoslavia. He is only 19 y.o. and she said (I guess her name was Ann) he alredy have many shots in a leading fashion magazines. Well, at that moment and now Oyster wasnt leading magazine for me at all, maybe because in Europe we used to think about something like L’Officiel, Elle, Tatler, GQ, Burda and of course - Vogue, as leading one. Anyway I forget about that conversation and was very surprised when saw Andrej at french Vogue this september because I read only french version of Vogue ^^. I mean I can understand if it would be japanese Vogue or at least australian, but french one? I believe it is a great success! =)

Very impressive shots! We all know that unisex fashion has already won the battle with old standarts, but now we can see that it is not the final judgement. ^^ Modern fashion destroys the borders between genders too since the great influence from it on people is defining. And of course I mean first of all homo fashionistas. =) Some of designers already choosed Andrej for their shows, such as Paul Smith, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier and Raf Simmons. I was thinking about the reasons besides their creativeness and then I realized that he reminds me someone. ^^

And not only because of the birthmark, which is of course the main point, but the eyes, chin, lips, cheekbones, face form and eyebrows. =) In general only nose is way different. Funny that beauty standarts are still the same  in the fashion world even if they are covered under the creativeness. ^^ Btw the pictures of Andrej is way more interesting than Cindy one, her pictures are very simple. I think its because she is more the synonim of a beauty than a concept. The interesting phenomenon of so called "androgenic" (I would say "en travesti" or "angel") types of models is not new, some people believe it has appeared from the late 60s when we can talk about punk subculture that brought some chaos to the fashion between male and female clothes (better to say about unisex style here, since women start to wear pants etc.), but I am sure that Twiggy was the first androgenic model in the history. Very thin body, almost no breast, hips with fragile hands and short hair "à la garson".

There is a dilemma though in this tendency. If girls can handle androgenic (or lets just say more male) look enough long time (look at Grace Jones or Tilda Swinton for example), for boys its harder. When you are 18 y.o. boy the make up, good photographer and photoshop can create more or less androgenic look with you, but when you are 23, 25 and older, your look is changing, you have hair on your face and your chest, your skin has more fat, especially on the face etc. So such type of models is very unique and their androgenic look lasts not very long concerning boys but definitely became a trully sensation every time in the fashion industry when designers appears to have a choise to use something different when they feel their collection is something different too (and they think like this almost all the time hehe). But every boy want it or not become a man! :D The danger here from my point of view could be about psychology, because he can play this role too much and at the end will have to change his gender by means of surgery, even if he already said he wont do it since he feel the balance between his two parts - male and female. ^^

But definitely he will stop to use bright make up for his daily life when will see the beard on his angel face. ^^ He is too young to be enough professional model and keep the runway and his daily life separately, thats why he brought feminine look to his clothes. If he would like to remain in the fashion industry with his androgenic look any longer he would use the make up only at work because when you use female make up your skin became older (especially male skin). Well there is always a space to learn. ^^ At the end of the post, lets look on his funny questionnaire that I found in the one of the magazines, shall we? :D

Andrej Pejic

Star sign?


Where are you from?
The Melbourne ghetto.

What do you do for fun in Melburne?
I club/party a fair bit; Brunswick Street is great too. I shop at the vintage markets all the time and during summer I hit the beaches with friends.

Likes & dislikes?
Likes: candy, PVC, fur, chilli and chocolate, life, travel, Europe, Asia, 1980s, New Romantics, art, dressing up, biology, Pete Burns' lips, music festivals, fashion and pages.

Dislikes: tights that look like denim, snobbism, the recession and capitalism going to shit, exams and empty promises.

Favourite pass time?

Favourite book?
Ana Karenina, Leo Tolstoy.

How and when did you begin modeling?
I began last year in August and after an interview I signed with my agency.

What agency are you represented by?

Who have you been shot by?
Liz Ham, Russ Flat, and Will Davidson to name a few.

Biggest achievement so far?
Giving birth.

Favourite model?
Naomi Campbell, Paul Boche and Caroline Cossey 'Tula'.

Who are your 'heroes'?
Karl Marx and Boy George.

Favourite TV show?

Favourite Movie?
Moster with Charlize Theron.

Favourite label?
Burberry and of course Supre at the moment.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Hit and Run Lover by Dead or Alive. 

If you could be a superhero, which one would you be?

Worst habbit?
Mine? Hmmm cracking my bones.


  1. Men start getting facial hair very early, certainly before 18 .. there is this little thing called a razor. I'm sure Andrej will continue to do excellent modeling for years to come regardless of his age. And if he someday decides to transition to female, there is nothing wrong with that. I would not call it a "danger."

  2. Hard to say for sure, I know many guys who still dont have normal face hair until 22-24, so in this case it can be one of factors for the end of modeling career in the "girly" way he choose it. The century of female model is short, for androgenic look of a boy it is even shorter. From my point of view there is still a danger for his mentality, basically he is still a child, just 18-19 years old, and modeling/fashion world is a women world. Thats why most male designers "looks" girly, its just surroundings. If he someday decides to transition to female it will be a decision dictated by means of his surroundings, when gay designers invite him for the fashion shows with specific clothes, when photographers make him to look like a woman on the pictures, when stylists use female make up etc. In his age his mentality still developing you know, so it can be hurted easily. Somebody can say that transition to female or vice versa not a big deal today hehe BUT it is something not natural, you have to use hormones and life will be shorter etc. I dont feel like to speak about is it wrong or not, there are much more problems. It is not the point, the point is his health - mental and physical. If you think there is nothing wrong with that means you just dont care about that boy at all. If you can avoid it and feel comfortable, this is what I wish to Andrej. =)